Frequently Asked Questions

When does your shop open and how does it work?

- We post on our instagram @mouseketearsbowtique for upcoming sales! Follow us along on there to stay updated! We like to switch up our sales: doing ready to ship sales and made to order sales.

Do you ship worldwide?

- Yes, we do ship worldwide!

Do you do meet-ups for local orders?

- Please send us a message! We're always happy to meet-up with customers who live near us and we'll refund you on shipping :)

How do customs work?

- We always take custom ideas through the 'contact us' option on our website! All custom ears can be purchased through our custom ear listing - it is a set price of $55, with absolutely NO limitations! We will take custom orders ONCE A MONTH! If you're interested in buying a custom pair, stay updated through our Instagram @Mouseketearsbowtique! We announce when we're taking customs through there :)

What does RTS mean and when will you have them?

- RTS means "Ready to Ship". These are ears that have already been made and are ready to head off to the post office! We will announce upcoming RTS sales on our Instagram @Mouseketearsbowtique and showcase what will be available prior! Our RTS sale will take place here on our website. RTS ears from our RTS sales are usually mailed within 1-3 business days.

What are preorders?

- All of our ears, unless otherwise listed, are preorders (meaning they have an 8-10 week turnaround time). Our turnaround is extended due to COVID. We thank you for your patience during this time!

How can I get my order sooner than the turnaround time?

- We are very sorry, we are no longer taking rush orders! You can receive ears within a week if you purchase during our RTS sales! If you are planning on giving a pair of ears for a present, I would recommend placing an order ahead of time. 

Are your ears top heavy? Will they hurt my head?

- It all depends on the design! Some ears are slightly heavier than others. Both Sabrina and I get headaches very easily, but have had no issues with our ears. We will gladly build your ear on a slightly bigger headband if you wish!

Help! My item got lost in the mail/I never recieved my order!

- Check your tracking! If your order says it was delivered, but you never recieved it, talk to your local post office! Unfortunately, we are unable to do anything on our end about missing packages. If you find yourself in a sitatution like this, send us a message and we'll send you a discount if you wish to reorder :)
We do not give out refunds or exchanges.

How much do your ears cost?

- MB Mouse Ears range from $25 and up. Bowbands range from $15 and up. Bows range from $10 and up. It all depends on the design, how long it takes to make, and material cost.

Do you do give out coupons/discounts for bulk orders?

- We do! Send us an email at of how many ears you had your eyes on and we'll send some magic your way :) As for small discounts, we're always doing fun giveaways for our followers on Instagram to win discounts/certain amount off of an entire purchase!
Can you remake something I saw online?
- No, we will not recreate any items other shops have created. We take pride in our work and we strive to be as unique as possible with our crafts. Sorry! :)

Am I able to customize an ear?

- Of course! Leave a message at the note to seller at checkout of what you want us to leave off/the changes you wish to make (ex. no bow, different fabric choice, etc). We do NOT customize ears that are part of our RTS sales, we can only customize preorder ears :)
I received an email that was order was shipped and I have the tracking number, but the tracking has not updated!
- To get ready for shipment, we print out our orders and that marks them as "shipped". Tracking will update once the order is received by the post office.
My order is taking longer than the turnaround time to receive
- Due to COVID-19, some orders may take longer to send out. We appreciate everyone's patience during these difficult times and we hope all of you are staying safe!